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Anton Abugov, founder

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Evgeny Antufiev

On September 9 — 11, 2016, Foundation A and Anton Abugov granted their support to the Cosmoscow art fair initiative to celebrate its successful completion with a concert conducted by famous Russian cellist Boris Andrianov, winner of numerous international festivals, permanent participant of the Homecoming winter festival, and founder of the VIVACELLO cello music festival and VIVARTE chamber music festival.

Also during the 2016 Cosmoscow fair, Russian artist Evgeny Antufiev, under the personal patronage of Anton Abugov, presented the results of his six-month project at a specially designated art fair booth.

I wish to express my thanks to Anton!

Those six months were extremely productive for me. I haven’t found myself so unrestrained for a long time, with such opportunities as ceramics furnace lease, facilities and materials for bronze casting, a carving studio, and tutoring sessions.

For my participation in the Cosmoscow fair I’ve worked with wood, bronze, and ceramics. I’ve experimented with the Russian North style as well as with such remains of Soviet visual culture as decal and gigantic vases similar to the ones in theatres and at the VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy).

That liberating feeling of when you are free of thoughts about money issues related to the creative process was extremely helpful.

Evgeny Antufiev

Artwork created by Evgeny Antufiev as a part of the Cosmoscow patron program