Dedicated to my mother — Alla Abugova — a great mother, good friend and a woman who always wanted to help

Anton Abugov, founder


Art support

Since establishment in 2005, Foundation A has focused on raising cultural recognition to contemporary art by increasing public access to the arts, funding art venues and festivals. In addition it provides financial support to individual young talented artists. Abugov’s collection is a very valuable art resource for many public exhibitions in Russia and abroad which keeps these pieces of art available to public ownership.

With a strong desire to raise public awareness to traditional and contemporary Russian culture, Foundation A regularly participates in the organization of public events dedicated to Russian culture. In 2008 with Anton Abugov's help many aspects of Russian culture were displayed in Italy during the exhibition "Russia in its Tradition". The exhibition held in Venice demonstrated the best examples of Russian realist painting, modern iconography, Russian musical culture as well as traditional folk costumes.