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In July 2012 a charity auction was held in the heart of Moscow, established by Elizaveta Glinka, better known as Doctor Liza, founder and executive director of the Doctor Liza’s Fair Care international charitable NGO. This auction was held to help flood victims in Krymsk, where the worst flood in the last 70 years in Krasnodar Krai took the lives of 171 people and damaged the homes of nearly 13,000 families. Anton Abugov purchased several top lots with proceeds benefiting the education of children who were orphaned as a result of this terrible disaster.

Mercy Shift

After the tragic death of Elizaveta Glinka in a plane crash in December 2016, Ksenia Sokolova, a close friend of Doctor Liza, took the lead of the charitable organization.

Foundation A has continued to lend its support to this organization. In June 2017 Anton Abugov and Ksenia Sokolova, now President of Doctor Liza’s Fair Care, signed an agreement for Mercy Shift, a common charitable project. This project is being executed as part of the Relief for Children Affected by Military Actions and Disasters charitable program sponsored by Doctor Liza’s Fair Care.

Launched in 2015 by Elizaveta Glinka, this program has provided help for more than 500 children.

Anton has covered all costs related to maintaining the Moscow home of the House of Mercy, named after Luka Voyno-Yasenetsky, the primary residence of families displaced from war zones and children undergoing rehabilitation after treatment in Russian medical institutions. Apart from that, the project includes costs for everyday needs and partial reimbursement of medical expenses for children.

As of now, 11 families reside at the House of Mercy.

The project has been receiving target financing for the period of one and a half years.

Employees of Doctor Liza’s Fair Care not only provide help to child victims of armed conflict and natural disasters, but also implement the following charity programs:

Wednesday Station

Employees and volunteers of the Organization hand out hot meals, sandwiches, and necessary hygiene products to homeless people, as well as provide them with urgent medical aid.

For the Children of Syria

Employees and volunteers also provide assistance to children affected by the ongoing conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Abstract from the charitable program Relief for Children Affected by Military Actions and Disasters

Thank-you letter from Ksenia Sokolova, President of "Doctor Liza’s Fair Care"