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Exhibition of LeRone Wilson at SPRING/BREAK Art Show

Exhibition of LeRone Wilson at SPRING/BREAK Art Show
28 February — 6 March, 2017
New York

Foundation A has supported ANCESTRAL HIVE, a multi-sensory beehive art installation at the 2017 SPRING/BREAK Art Show, in a Times Square office building, hundreds of feet above the ground. Katya Valevich curates a solo exhibition by LeRone Wilson contemplating SPRING/BREAK Art Show’s poignant 2017 theme, "Black Mirror".

Wilson’s primary medium of encaustic (wax) is a product of bees and also a primary resource of his African ancestry — the ancient Egyptians. Wilson’s black mirror is a "look back to move forward". The artist works with "[beeswax] as a mirror to look back at my African ancestry, a prism through which I connect my spiritual and historical lineage, a means of referencing my ancestry and origins, while speaking a language of modernity". In the classical mode, LeRone melts wax with resin and pigment to sculpt highly textured, monochrome, minimal fields; rows of coral-shaped, stalactite, and cauliflower tufts, guided to three-dimensional form while the medium is in a viscous state between liquid and solid.


One of the more sensory experiences on offer is stepping into Ancestral Hive...reflecting the impressive natural creations of the honeybee”

— Sarah Cascone, Artnet News

“All against the backdrop of bustling Times Square, too—an ever-flashing array of screens that keep the show's theme this year, "Black Mirror”

— Stephanie Eckardt, W Magazine

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