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Anton Abugov, founder

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The New Artists

Foundation A's collection is the result of its longstanding love for the visual arts. At the same time it reflects Anton Abugov’s deepest concern for the rich cultural heritage of Russian artists and the security of traditions accumulated over the years. The collection includes over 100 artworks created by significant contemporary artists, both Russian and foreign. Abugov’s collection of painting is a lending resource for many public exhibitions in Russia and abroad which keeps these pieces of art in the public domain. Since its inception in 2005, Foundation A has done its best to increase public access to contemporary art and to support individual artists. The greatest importance is attributed to the restoration and preservation of Russian painting traditions and values, as well as to educational initiatives. All the aforementioned can easily explain the selection of works and major formative principles of the collection in general.

Stylistically, Anton Abugov’s art collection demonstrates both esteem for tradition and love for pioneering spirit. On one hand, it includes works by artists like Ivan Glazunov, who is one of the most notable successors of the Russian realistic school of painting. On the other hand, it boasts a number of exemplary pieces by some of the most renowned names in late-Soviet avant-garde art, particularly members of the New Artists group. Founded in 1982 by the visionary artist Timur Novikov, the group soon became synonymous with all the cutting-edge artistic tendencies of the time. As the Soviet regime slowly passed away, members of the group were among the first to familiarize the Russian audience with the key principles of Pop Art and German Expressionism, exemplified in familiar subject matter. By now, the artistic legacy of the New Artists group has in its own turn become the point of reference and the source of inspiration for numerous contemporary artists both in Russia and abroad. Abugov’s collection includes works by Timur Novikov, Georgy Guryanov (recently recognized as the most expensive Russian artist of the last decade), Viktor Tsoy, Sergei Bugaev "Afrika", Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Oleg Kotelnikov, Inal Savchenkov and Boris "Bob" Koshelokhov among others.

From the early years of the New Artists group, many of its key members were closely associated with music and film. In 1980 Timur Novikov opened the ASSA gallery in his own apartment. Later on it became the major exhibition space for the New Artists. In 1987, when the gallery ceased to exist, the same title was given to a film directed by Sergei Solovyov, starring Sergei "Afrika" Bugaev as Bananan, and featuring a cameo by Timur Novikov, and other members of the group. With the support of Anton Abugov, 2014 saw the production of "Timur Novikov. Object Zero", a movie directed by Alexander Shein. The film includes rare archive materials with participation of the New Artists group members and original filming.